Mountain Routes

Mount Kenya contains several routes but there are 3 MAIN and recognized routes all of which lead to the top peaks.

Here, I will describe the routes stating their advantages and challenges:


  • Day 1) Leave Nairobi and drive up  to Nanyuki Town where we pick the rest of the climbing team (i.e. Porters), do some shopping and drive to Sirimon Gate (2,650 meters (8,694 ft); where we shall have lunch. After lunch we begin the trek up to Old Moses Camp (3,300 meters). This walk will take about 2 ½ hrs – 3hrs. You will be able to take photos of wildlife as we will be traversing through the Mt Kenya National Park Forest itself. We reach the bunk house late in the afternoon or if camping, a selected campsite by the guide ready for dinner and catch some sleep for an early morning.


  • Day 2) After an early breakfast (6:30 am to 7:30 am), we leave and start walking towards the breathtaking Mackinder’s Valley towards Shipton’s Base Camp which is 4200 Meters a.s.l. This walk will take 6-7hr and covers very a spectacular view point and the different of flora & fauna of upper attitudes. Lunch will be en-route with dinner and spend the night at the Shipton’s camp


  • Day 3) If the team is ready, we wake up at 2 am and have a light snack. When it is still dark, we hike up to Point Lenana for 3hours to catch the amazing Sunrise. Lenana is the third highest peak of the mountain and the views are spectacular when the sun comes up. After the sun rise, the party gets a chance to take a few or as much photos as they can and then we head back down to Shipton’s Camp for breakfast.


  • Day 4) After breakfast we take a gentle walk down through the same route we traversed on day 2. We spend a night at Old Moses Camp or according to the number of days your package has,  we get picked up by a vehicle at right there or walk down to Sirimon gate.


Advantages of Sirimon Route

  1. This route is normally less prone to unpredictable weather
  2. It is considered the easiest to go up and down
  3. You get to traverse through the stunning Mackinder’s Valley
  4. The climbing party gets to cross several rivers and streams which offer much needed hydration of clean water.
  5. It is the best route to acclimatize.



  1. You only get to see one type of vegetation that thrives on the Sirimon side without getting to see the difference on other routes.
  2. It takes many hours to walk across to Shipton’s which poses a mental and physical challenge to trekkers.


NOTE: Polemark Tours has flexibility in that the client can add an extra day to his package. Simply request the guide Paul and he will adjust the package appropriately.