Mount Kenya is one of the most stunning mountains in the world. Upon gracing its slopes, you’ll be treated to a once-in-a-lifetime visual and emotional journey.

Guide & Photographer Joseph Muriithi , takes you on a visual journey into the Mount Kenya ecosystem.

(All images belong to Joseph Muriithi & are protected by the Kenya Copyright Board. Re-use of these images without Joseph Muriithi’s permission is prohibited)

Chogoria Route:

This is the most beautiful & adventurous route. Expect to hike through lush tropical rainforests, bamboo forests, vast moorlands, freezing cold lakes filled with trout, and bizarre afro-alpine zones.

The view of the Chogoria Route as seen from Chogoria Bandas Lodge
Rosewood Trees at the Chogoria Gate (2,900m)
Mugi Hill as seen from Chogoria Meru Mount Kenya Bandas
The Giant’s Billiard Table as seen from one of Chogoria Bandas lodges
Overlooking Mugi Hill Chogoria Route
Special Campsite (3,300m)
Exploring the Nithi Waterfalls – 3,300m
Our clients arriving at Lake Ellis Campsite
Dendrosenecio Battiscombei plant at Lake Ellis
Blooming Dendrosenecio Battiscombei at Lake Ellis
Night Star-trails by Lake Ellis
Sunrise as seen from Lake Ellis Campsite
Lake Ellis Campsite – One of our tents
Our client enjoying the sunrise at Lake Ellis
Our client sets up for fishing at Lake Ellis
Our client sets up to fish at Lake Ellis
Our client fishing at Lake Ellis
Hiking from Lake Ellis to Lake Michelson
Our clients enjoying their hike on Chogoria Route
Our crew scaling the mountain like the mountain lions they are
Our clients having fun (3,800m)
Our clients exploring boulders near 4,000m
Having fun on boulders at 4,000m
Mintos Lake (4,300m)
View of Batian, Nelion and Lenana Peaks as seen from Mintos Campsite
Mintos Tarn
An Augur Buzzard seen at Mintos Campsite
The view of Lake Michelson – approach from Mintos Lake
Standing on the Temple Wall – Lake Michelson is 30 minutes away
Senecio Kenensis plant – at Lake Michelson
Giant Groundsel plant at Lake Michelson campsite
Our tents at Lake Michelson campsite
Exploring the Gorges Valley
Our client enjoying the view at Lake Michelson
Our clients enjoying breakfast at Lake Michelson
Our client enjoying the sunrise at Lake Michelson
Arriving at Austrian Hut (4,790m)
The Austrian Hut (4,790m)
Exploring the Austrian Hut campsite
The Lewis Glacier – The biggest Glacier left on Mt Kenya


Sirimon Route

The Sirimon Route is accessed from the Northern side the mountain and the Equator line strikes through the heart of this route. 

Similar to the Chogoria route, the timberline is lush, beautiful bamboo forests, deep and staggering valleys & gorges as well as forests of bizarre alien-like plants. 


The start of the Sirimon Route (Tropical Rainforest)
Sunset at Old Moses Camp (3,300m)
Old Moses Camp cabins
Old Moses Camp cabins dining space
Old Moses Camp bunk beds accommodation